Prevari's Technology Risk Manager (TRM)

quickly finds and measures information technology risk. TRM's predictive analytics represent the first objective, quantitative, repeatable and defensible means to calculate inherent and residual risk to information. TRM metrics are superior to other approaches because they factor in both purely technical security data as well as compliance data describing people and processes. This yields a holistic understanding of the probability of compromise expressed in risk indices for Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Audit.

Prevari's Compliance Risk Manager (CRM)

replaces the subjective pass/fail approach to compliance by directly mapping and weighting specific compliance objectives to an organization's information risk profile. CRM determines compliance risk impact by considering an organization's administrative controls as called for by compliance with regulations, standards and organizational policies. CRM is based upon the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) from Network Frontiers. The UCF expedites Prevari integration with most eGRC solutions.

Together, TRM and CRM enable effective management with the ability to:

  • Continuously monitor the precise state of risk to information systems,
  • Analyze variance to discover inconsistencies in technology deployment, processes, and compensating controls,
  • Create simulations of the risk-impact of projects before projects are implemented - hold your organization accountable for specific risk reduction results,
  • Build comparative analyses that highlight the differences across locations, systems, functions, processes or time,
  • Factor compliance with regulatory and policy requirements into your instrumentation, and
  • Establish a common language across the disciplines of IT Leadership, Security, Information Assurance, and Compliance. This common language enables unambiguous discussion of how to best apply limited resources to manage the technology risk to the information supporting all missions and objectives

Prevari's Connectors provide out of the box compatibility with sixteen point-solution scanners, sensors and tools. Connectors enable rapid deployment and allow our customers to begin realizing value immediately. Prevari builds new connectors on demand - quickly and effectively.